Laser Cutting

At MJH, we deliver fast, efficient, accurate laser cutting for a wide range of metals in varying thicknesses.

The cutting-edge technology provided by our 2 Amada Ensis 3015-AJ 9kW Fibre Lasers, operated by our skilled team, allows us to meet most requirements and specifications, whether big or small.

Laser Cutting, MJH Fabrications

Investment in the laser cutting machines, with added automatic sheet loading and unloading, has considerably modernized and increased MJH Fabrication’s production capacity. The Ensis-AJ offers unrivalled laser beam spot control, making it capable of processing different materials and thicknesses with a single cutting lens. The quality and processing speeds for medium to thick materials, as well as very high-speed piercing, made the Ensis-AJ the perfect choice of machine for MJH Fabrications.

With the new Amada technology increasing cutting speeds, our productivity has also increased to ensure lower costs per part for our customers.

Ensis-AJ Machine Details

Variable beam control unit & auto-collimation system

With ENSIS technology, we can modify the mode of the laser beam based on the material thickness, guaranteeing an outstanding performance whilst using a single lens for all materials and thicknesses. Thanks to the Auto Collimation system, the full processing power of the laser can be used without compromise.

Side door

The ENSIS-AJ has been fitted with large front and side opening doors, for more convenient and flexible access to the cutting area.

Amada fibre laser engine

Amada was the first laser machine manufacturer worldwide to develop its own fibre laser engine in-house, specifically designed for cutting. Beam density and cutting quality have been improved and maintenance costs drastically reduced.

Auto Sheet Loading

The manipulator MP-Flexit automatically loads and unloads sheets to and from the Amada Ensis laser. MP-F efficiently takes care of medium batch sizes as well as single sheets. In combination with the fibre optic laser, MP-F optimizes utilization thanks to the short job exchange time. Suction cups allow the handling of different kinds of materials such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel.


Our programmers use state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, including SolidWorks and JetCam, to develop and refine your design drawings. We then nest and program them to ensure minimal wastage.

MJH Fabrications can support customers throughout the whole development process using our knowledge and expertise to reach the best finished product.